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Fishes of Canada: Annotated Checklist
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Fishes of Canada: Annotated Checklist
Dictionary of Ichthyology
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Dictionary of Ichthyology

Dictionary of Ichthyology

Brian W. Coad and Don E. McAllister

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FISH, n, pl. fishes, or collectively [OE. fisch, fisc, fis, AS. fisc; akin to D. visch, OS. & OHG. fisk, G. fisch, Icel. fiskr, Sw. & Dan. fisk, Goth. fisks, L. piscis]. Any chordate below the tetrapods; a poikilothermic aquatic chordate breathing by means of gills throughout life (accessory organs may be used) and having limbs, if any, in the form of fins.


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